ACfinity Skins – Clytie Parnas

•February 25, 2009 • 2 Comments


So, I have this friend I haven’t talked to in like ages. A couple of weeks ago she says, “oh hey check out my friend’s store… she made skins and she worked really hard on them!” Ok, sure sure, just as soon as I get a chance. Yanno I’m so busy what with all the inventory sorting and plurking 😀

Couple weeks go by and I’m like gee I’m a bit of a slacker… I’m just gonna go, right now, check out the store. I’d spoken to the creator, Clytie Parnas, and told her I’d check it out. I’d just had yet to squeeze in a visit.

Imagine my delight to find that the ACfinity Skins were gorgeous. Launched in early February (I believe), Clytie Parnas has created a wide variety of female skins. There are also male skins, but I won’t be going into detail about those here, cuz I’m a girl… and I don’t care all that much 😀


Shown here are the makeups in the ACfinity Lyra in the La Mera skin tone 01-06. I loved the luminescence of the skin, the soft shading and subtle highlights. Though not one always for shiny, glossy lips in RL or in SL, these lips are very pretty. One thing to note about the lip shape, though, is that I did have to tweak it quite a bit to look right with my shape. Also, the lip shapes for the skin pictured above and the skin I’m gonna show below the cut are totally different and required different adjustments. See nudies and more details below the cut…

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Pure Comedy

•January 9, 2009 • 2 Comments

You’ve got to laugh ain’t ya? I mean, the world is full of murderers, crazy people, people who’ll fuck you over for the sake of a few bob, general nasty people, genocidal fuckheads, people cocking about with things that could potentially destroy the world but can’t be bothered to get their soldering straight and jellyfish. But it’s still good to have a laugh *coughs*

Anyhoo, in order to assist your humour I’ve bought to you a selection of my comedy tops and cleverly they’re comedy not because their badly made and will make you look like a fruitloop, but because they’re amusing. So lets crack on.

In the first picture we have the ‘not strictly funny but makes me laugh’ Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me top from Jealousy. Jealousy used to be called Half Baked, there may be some terribly exciting drama relating to the name change but who knows? Then we have the ‘Your girlfriend is a man’ tee from Launa Fauna who also does the similarly amusing ‘I collared your mum’ top. Both offer hilarity when visiting gorean sims.

Thirdly the top that started this post, the wanker top, also from Jealousy. Wanker is quite possibly my favouritist word in the dictionary and when added to the logo of a certain brand of crisps, well… It’s genius. Although I hasten to add that this idea had been around in the real world for quite some time before making it to SL.

More comedy after the cut.

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Back again!

•January 1, 2009 • 6 Comments

Soooooooooooo what did I miss? Well, you shall see after some sort of cut which will hopefully shelter you browsing, “ZOMG get the words away from me”, types from my inane ramblings (and SLurls).

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DE Designs-New Release & Freebie!

•December 6, 2008 • 3 Comments

(Posting here for DoC as he is having problems with his posts showing up properly on the feeds..DoC also wants to apologize for anyone having issues with the feed because of his posts; he has deleted the posts from his blog to hopefully clear up the issue.)

It has been a while since I have done anything in my Tango line. So with that, “Tango Winter 08 Sweaters”. The sweaters are available in Mauve, Tan, Black and Red. They are also available in a Multi-Pack with all 4 for the price of 3. Also, there is a Limited Edition Christmas 08 version which is Free. This will be available until December 24th.

All sweaters come on the shirt layer with sculpted collar, sleeves and bottom.

Only the Muli-Pack is available on SLex and Onrez.

Direct TP to DE Designs here

Tango Winter 08 LE ad1

Tango Winter 08 Multi ad1

Tango Winter 08 Mauve ad1


New at Nymphetamine: Madison

•May 12, 2008 • 1 Comment


Ok so this post is an example of a love for fashion combined with a dash of vanity at its finest! paeoti Pomeray of Nymphetamine dropped her latest and greatest on me and I just giggled, squealed even once I confirmed the source of the name of her gown, Madison! I adore the woman behind the brand to begin with and was just tickled to see she’d named this for me.

Madison is sold in 2 parts, the primary outfit being the short-skirted flirty dress pictured above, which includes a prim neck bow, prim sleeves, sheer prim skirt, top, panty and beautifully detailed thigh high stockings. Sold as a separate “add-on” for a more formal look are system pants, a system skirt and TWO options for full-length skirts with different looks.

The bodice is just daring enough to be sexy while keeping the dress classy and just plain beautiful. The short skirt is definitely sassy while being sweet and still pretty.

But wait, there’s more!  pae’s newest releases are all created in grey-scale.  What does this mean to you?  You can TINT to your heart’s content!  I tried jewel tones on the dress and it looked like velvet!  I’m not one that does much modding to my purchases, but pae makes it easy to customize this outfit for the exact desired look.

If you’ve not paid a visit to Nyphetamine before, be sure to drop by paeoti Pomeray’s hand-drawn original designs are just a treasure. In a time where we see other designers dragged through the mud over copying RL designs or using photo-sourcing, paeoti is a fresh of breath air. Her work is hand drawn, original, and unique. If you want something different from the rest of the herd, check her out!

Isle of Nymphetamine

Rogues do it from behind (apparently, dirty little buggers)

•April 28, 2008 • 5 Comments

Going against the recent exodus to LOTRO me and Tie have strayed from the herd and gone with WoW. Which is insatiably good fun and ensures my linden balance remains happily in the black whilst I slay woof woofs and catty cats and all manner of slimy creatures (Murloks and their noises are my favourites, big thank you to Fujiko Murasaki for giving me their gesture in SL!). Anyhoo, fashion in WoW is sadly limited and more function over form, so we decided to play dressing up in SL. As per usual Tie spent many hours assembling the perfect outfit from many different pieces in her inventory… And I went and bought a whole one from a shop… Go me!

Credits as per usual after the cut and if you want to come and see us in WoW we’re on Quel’Theras on the europe servers. We have chickens.

p.s. If you’re some sort of level 70 creature please don’t come cos we have issues with jealousy.. Thank you.

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I ♥ Boots!

•April 15, 2008 • 3 Comments

And who doesn’t? But aside from all that and various other sillinesses.

I have to admit I’ve had these boots for a while now, I’d fully intended to blog them the day I got them but I was so busy with all the tentacle sex roleplay and opening a shop *coughs* that I quite forgot. As time wore on I scanned the feeds everyday thinking “Someone must have blogged them”, but no. Not a sausage, or indeed, a boot. Anyhoo, I hearby take it upon myself to bring these boots to the world, cos they really are quite undeniably sexy. Okay okay, the heel could be a bit nicer, but the inside is dribble worthy, it’s refreshing to see boots where the inside is not some sort of shadowy pit of dispair.

Also included are a couple of pairs of low slung shorts, the brown ones of which have a beautiful frontline, only slightly marred (I bin redding a dickshunary) by the back having a bum crack spike.

Right, credits hopefully after some sort of cut.

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