Unveiling: OPIUM Everyday Sneek Peek

Who: Alaska Metropolitan of OPIUM, OPIUM Everyday, Le Burlesque, Skin 2.0 

When: Saturday January 12, 2008 at 12PM SLT

Where: Metro Models Event Stage, Narcissus Island

What: The unveiling of brand new items in conjuction with the official opening of her store on the famed Le Zoo sim and featuring hair from Calla

The perks: Door prizes, free gifts and a chance to purchase brand spankin’ new items before they go on-sale to the public the following day.  I’m not done yet.  The outfits showcased by the models that day will be set for sale at the reduced rate of only 100L.

Where will I be?: Battling to get through the hordes of pet owners bringing their animals into our hospital because we are the onlyyyy onessss opennnn on Saturdays in the area *screams!!* so I can make it home in time to attend this must-see event! 

Ya want a preview, don’t you?  Well, I’ve got one for ya’ll.  I never (maybe once LOL) do two blog posts in one night, but when I clicked to wear this baby I knew I wanted to get a post up.  Alaska, who also happens to be our fearless leader at the Metro Models agency, had been trying to break business attire into the mainstream for quite some time (really…SL used to be consumed by mini’s, halters and CFM boots…trust me on this ladies, we got it good nowadays).   This Basix Black Blazer and Dress Pants along with the Diva necklace is an incredibly well-made, sensual but not slutty, no-nonsense ensemble.  And it has me drooling to see what else Alaska is releasing this weekend. 


I challenge you to find a guy who would not be turned on seeing his beloved–no matter how tomboy, gritty, or grungy he normally likes his girls–strutting her stuff in this suit.  The realistic shine and smoothness, seams and shading in all the right places, hemmed pant cuffs, and hint (yes, hint LOL) of cleavage topped off with the sparkling flex of this divinely glamorous choker.  *opens a window*

It even inspired me to go all 9 1/2 Weeks (if ya don’t know, rent it…*wonders if it’s out on Blu-Ray yet*):


*takes a deep breath and moans: SLurllllsss after the cut:

Clothes and Necklace: OPIUM Everyday by Alaska Metropolitan, Saturday’s Fashion Show SLurl and SLurl to the Le Zoo sim where you can find the items as of Sunday

Skin: Linda in RoseTan with Coffe Makeup-Fashion Eyes from PXL

Hair: Lannah and Short Crop 2 from ETD

Shoes: Vintish Shoes (group gift) from Aphrodite Creations

Stockings: Nylon Black from *Sheer*

Poses: AnaLu and Reel Expression

Hat: Adore a Fedora by Launa Fauna of LF Fashions

Bedtime 😉



~ by Queenie Extraordinaire on January 10, 2008.

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